Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 1

My new blog about getting back to a career I miss. I am not here to even try & use adwords, or generate revenue through this blog. This is not about that, I want to instead share experiences about people's passions & doing what you love.

Here is a recent posting on Facebook:

I have been told by people in the industry that the sound business is not the business to be in...Being in I.T. I especially realize that is true since technology as allowed anyone with a PC or basic Mac to record their own music, etc. However, nothing has ever given me this profound sense of being "Home" or this instant feeling of knowing that this is what I want to do.

this happened to me the first time I stepped into the recording studio at Mix96. Especially on this day, I am remembering why it is so important to do what you love. I myself keep blaming anxiety, stress, etc. but no, it is that longing to have that feeling of knowing what you are meant to do.

This is Day 1, I know I have bills, a family to support, but I need to get back to doing what I love.